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1 Please read this first

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Welcome to my Factoring Polynomials Class  

          Susan Johnsey     contact me at mathinabox@gmail.com 


Here are a few things you need to do so the classroom works well for you and I.


Although a log-in was required at one time, I do not require it now.   So you may want to read only steps 3 and 4 below.


1.  Once you have entered (with the login email) the classroom [PBworks calls it workspace],  in the upper right area of the web page you will see your email address.    Click it  and you will see a new web page that includes your Profile. 

    Near the bottom of this page on the left side are PREFERENCE buttons for selecting Email Notifications. 

    It is best for you to select just one button.  You should choose the button that states NONE  but if you see “Starred items” you could choose that one.

      Then click SAVE. You can “star” your first page later.  If you do not change the setting you maybe receiving lots of extra emails from the class.  ( All my edits and delete and more.)    You probably do not want all of that!


2.   After you SAVE the above page then look again near the top center.  Click the PROFILE link and then please change your name to your proper name (first and last); it will be initially your email address. You can add additional email addresses at this time also.  Parents or teachers that request a log-in: please add your student’s name along with yours or write your students name and then add (mom) or (dad) or (teacher) .   Be sure to SAVE this page.  You can return to the classroom  by Selecting the Home TAB at top left and then choosing your classroom workspace.


3.  The main page of the classroom contains the LISTING of LESSONS  (WIKI tab). In the upper left you should see WIKI tab.  Then look on the right side of the web page to locate the NAVIGATOR box.  All the folders and files that you can use are located in this NAVIGATOR box.  It is on the right side of classroom.  If you do not see it then look for tiny black arrow (triangle) on the right side under our Search box.   Click it and the NAVIGATOR will appear.

There is a folder for the first LESSONS (SECTION 2).   Please read and follow my instructions within these Lessons in SECTION 2.


JUST READ the LESSONS to know what to do and when to do it!  The LESSONS to complete are listed on the home page (WIKI tab) and in the Navigator box of our classroom, SECTION 2 and then SECTION 3.   You must understand Section 2 before I will allow you to move to Section 3.   Section 3 is The Reverse of Section 2 !!!!


4.  There are practice problems but you must play the games and read the examples first!   NO GUESSING,  read the lessons to learn

Then in SECTION  1 look at the Assignment Listing page.

I do have some answers somewhere.   I think I may need to find them.  If you dont see them let me know.



If you have questions please email me and ask.  Be specific and tell me what lesson and class you are studying from.

I have students in several classes and on many different lessons.


If I do not answer an email  let me know.   Some times I overlook one.   I answer email daily, several times.  Send me an email explaining what I may have missed or share it again with me.


Susan Johnsey     mathinabox@gmail.com 

www.mathinabox.com        my personal web site         updated 2018


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