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Factoring Polynomials - Quadratics and More!

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Factoring Polynomials              


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 contact:  Susan O. Johnsey   



          This is a FREE class but contributions are appreciated. 


Can you FACTOR well?   It is a very important skill in many Math courses.



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  1. I answer email at least 350 days of the year so please let me know your questions about my math classes.  Please be as specific as possible. 

  2. Review My Channel at Youtube.com for math lessons covering various topics of Algebra and Geometry. 

  3. Later try my Algebra 1 Review class- great for refreshing your Algebra 1 skills

Where do you begin?  


READ this instruction page (click).   Then return to this page (click wiki tab above) and begin the Lessons in this table.

But before you go too far down this list be sure you can see, on the right side of the screen, the NAVIGATOR box.  The Sections, Lessons and Assignments that I mention can be found in the Navigator box.  If you do not see it then it is Hidden and you can make it appear by clicking the little black triangle underneath the Search box, also on the right side.  It is important to know where the WIKI tab (upper left side) and the NAVIGATOR box (right side) are. They help you find everything in the classroom (workspace).


Lesson Listing for Factoring Polynomials      


Multiplying,   Dividing,  Factoring


Online Lessons

see Section 2

then 3

Assignment -

see Section 1

2.1 Polynomials   


Assignment 2.1A.

2.2 Multiplying polynomials  


Assignment 2.2A,  2,2B

2.3 Dividing with Monomials and Binomials  


Assignment 2.3A

2.3 Part 2 Dividing Polynomials  

LESSON 2.3 Pt2

Assignment 2.3B

2.4 Using Polynomials in word problems 


Assignment 2.4A

3.1 Factoring Polynomials  


Assignment 3.1A

3.2 Factoring Polynomials by Grouping  


Assignment 3.2A

3.3 Factoring Quadratic Trinomials 


Assignment 3.3A,  3.3B

3.4 Factoring Cubic Bin., Square Binomial  


Assignment 3.4A, 3.4B

3.5 Factoring completely  


Assignment 3.5A

3.6 Solving Equations by Factoring   


Assignment 3.6A



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I hope you learn much.  Factoring is a very big part of Algebra and Calculus.


The review courses will prepare you for Geometry in the fall or help you remember what you have forgotten in Algebra 1!










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