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2:3 Dividing with Monomials and Binom

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Lesson 2.3a Dividing with a Monomial  



The examples in this lesson are pictures, gif files.   

Some students behind school firewalls may not be able to see them.   

If you do not see them then please email me and let me know what you need.  

Or speak to your computer administrator.  

It is very important in this lesson and others to be able to view pictures, my math diagrams.

Imperative to see pictures.  Do you see the words:  Let's begin with...    They are right below this line, but they are a part of a picture. 

Or a binomial and monomial:          (another picture should be here, 4 examples:)




Do you see the Long Fraction bar can be changed to a several short ones when we have adding or subtracting?  

We break the numerator into several terms.  


But RECALL the LONG fraction bar means that

all these terms in the numerator (top) are divided by the denominator.  


Do NOT break the denominator up.  

Write the complete denominator under all terms and use the short fraction bar.


 Do Assignment 2.3A.




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